Pic by ToMa Have you guys heard about FUNK eyewear yet? They have the coolest frames! They have over 400 different frames and 5 different lines (FUNKroyal, FUNKroyal sun, FUNK FOOD, FUNK FOOD FRAMES, and SASHEE SCHUSTER). With that kind… Continue Reading

Actinica Sunscreen

I was recently browsing the web and came across the The Victorian Cosmetic Institute. They’re an Australian based company that specializes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, skin, laser treatments, and liposuction. In addition to those services, they also sell skin care… Continue Reading

Organic Hair Products from Luxury Parlor

I’ve been thinking about switching to organic hair products for a while now. I decided it was time to actually do some research and here’s what I found! Have you guys heard of the site yet? They sell professional… Continue Reading

San Diego

Here’s what I was up to last week! I went to go visit friends in San Diego, CA! My cats were pretty upset when I busted out the suitcases. Yummy Mexican food at Sombrero’s (Blink 182 wrote a song about… Continue Reading

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