Disneyland Anaheim 2014 Part 2

{my husband and I}

{meeting Princess Minnie Mouse}

{Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups Ride}

{giggled the entire tea cups ride!}

{actually really wanted these ears, but it was too hot!}

{dessert at Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant}

{I’m dazed and confused and my husband is FOCUSED}

{selfie while waiting outside of ‘Star Wars Space Tours’}

As I said in yesterday’s post (you can check it out here- Disneyland Anaheim 2014 Part 1), we went to the Princess Lunch at Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant. Here is a picture of me meeting Princess Minnie Mouse! I have a million other pictures with Minnie and the other princesses, but I’ll save you from that.

I’m always surprised by how much I love the tea cups ride. I literally giggle myself silly the entire ride. It was so much fun! You definitely have to ride the tea cups at night, though. The lights are just way too pretty to miss (and the lines are much shorter)!

I would definitely have to say that Fantasy Land is my favorite area of Disneyland (although ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is my favorite ride)! The rides there just remind me of how wonderful Disneyland must have been when it first opened. You can tell how much time and energy went into each of those rides. I’m sure pretty much everything is hand painted!

Do you guys love Disneyland as much as I do? Send me a tweet (@ChiqueChic) with pictures from your trip!

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