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{Return To Tiffany Double Heart Tag Pendant Necklace – $125}

I am obsessed with my Tiffany & Co necklace! It was a Christmas gift from my husband. I’ve worn it all day every day since and I seriously can’t get enough of it. You can get this necklace with the 16 inch chain or the 18 inch chain (I opted for the 16 inch).

This is my first piece from Tiffany’s and I’m sure it won’t be my last (I’m lusting after the matching earrings). Since this was my first piece, it was also my first time in Tiffany & Co. It was so quiet in there and for the first time I really understood what Holly Golightly meant all those years ago in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It really is a place where you feel like nothing bad could happen and reminded me of a church. The Church of Tiffany’s- now that’s a religion I could subscribe to!

On a more serious note, I hope that all of you had a lovely holiday with your loved ones. I took some time off from my blog to nurture my YouTube channel (check it out here). There are plenty of new videos up on there if you are curious what I’ve been up to.

I also hope that all of you had a wonderful time ringing in the new year! I am beyond excited about 2014 and just can’t wait to see what this year holds.

My New Year’s resolution is to really focus on living in the moment. I feel like in this crazy age we all get bogged down with making plans and stressing about tomorrow. I feel like that was the root to a lot of negativity last year and I just want to spend this year working on that. So far it has made a huge impact and we’re just barely into the second week of the year!

Whenever I start to feel my mind wanderer I just tell myself, “Stop!” Then I mentally tick off what I am doing and why it is enjoyable. I urge all of you to give it a try, even if it is not your resolution!

I can’t wait to reinvigorate this blog and keep up with my YouTube channel. Happy New Year!


{the bag looks so cute on my shelf!}

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