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I’ve been sick for a couple of days and having no days off is not what the doctor ordered. Whenever I’m sick it seems like all I want to do is check everything off of my to do list. Crazy, right? Here’s how I have been keeping myself busy:

I’m obsessed with the show Revenge. I don’t know how this show has been on for two seasons without me catching an episode but it has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s on Netflix if you’ve been living under the same rock as me.

My obsession with Pinterest is no new development but being stuck in bed has only left me with more time to feed that addiction. Are you following my pins? Check me out here.

Sometimes drinking water can be hard, especially when you want something with a taste. I’ve been loving Mio in my water because it flavors it, but also some have electrolytes. I have tried a few flavor drops and Mio is currently my favorite.

Those are just a few things helping me get over this flu. I have been pretty much attached to my Kindle Fire HD and my kitties, doggy, and husband have all been taking great care of me. I hope you all don’t catch whatever is going around and have a lovely weekend!

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