Apple Hill

{wearing: abercrombie sweater, old navy diva jeans, and western buckle boot}

{High Hill Ranch}

It was really nice having my family in town. I feel like when people come from out of town to visit that you do things you haven’t in a while. I always love going to Apple Hill. It’s so peaceful up there and it is always fun buying pies and fresh apples. I got an apple donut this time, too! Yum! I think we spent about an hour in front of that pond. It’s easy to let time pass by there.

I’m going to be back to regular posting again. It was nice to have a little time with my family, but I missed my blog! My parents stayed in my office so it was a little hard to get to my computer at times, too. But no worries because I have plenty of posts all ready! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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