Renaissance Faire

Sometimes you need to take a break from life and do something fun. That’s exactly what the hubby and I did this weekend. We went to the local Renaissance Faire. We’ve gone pretty much every year since we’ve been together and it really only gets more fun each time we go. In the past we would wear street clothes or a crossover between street clothes and costume. This year we finally got our acts together and came up with legitimate costumers. My husband was Westley and I was the princess from the movie Princess Bride. It was so much fun dressing up and I really recommend it to everyone! We had ale and walked around talking in ye ole English. It really was a blast.

If you look closely you’ll notice my Louis Vuitton Sac HL (aka the baby Speedy). My excuse? At least it’s vintage.

These rocking horses (actually one was a unicorn) were gigantic! They could fit four people on them!

My husband decided to spoil me with a right hand ring. He bought me one a few years back at a previous Renaissance Faire but, sadly, I lost it. This one will not leave my sight!

Just in case you were curious, here are the links for our costumes:

Zorro Mask

Bandit Costume

Maid Maiden Costume

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