Proactiv Face Brush

I have been wanting a motorized face brush for a while now so I was completely excited when this baby showed up on my doorstep. It’s the Proactiv Face Brush and I am in love. The bristles are soft and the vibrations from the motor aren’t too intense. I was hesitant to try the brush because it warned against sensitive skin becoming over dried but I have been using it for a week now and have had no issues. I give this product an A+ rating!

The way you use the brush is first you get your face wet and apply your cleanser. Make sure you clean the eye area well because you want to avoid using the brush on that delicate skin. With the cleanser still on your face you’re going to do light upward circular motions all around your face, again avoiding the eye area. You should only use the brush once a day because it will exfoliate your skin (aka if you use it too often your face will dry out in a bad way). I think before you go to bed is the perfect time because it is a great way to make sure you got all of your make up and yuckiness from the outside world off your face. After you have use the brush on your face you’re simply going to rinse the cleanser off and voila! It’s a simple way to make sure your skin is perfectly clean!

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