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This week on Tips & Tricks Tuesday we are going to be discussing thrifting. Normally I would make a video but I had a cavity filled today so typing it is. Thrifting is a fine art and a skill that must be acquired. When people tell me that they don’t like thrifting I am always baffled. Why? You can get fantastic clothes (many even still have the tags on them) for pennies on the dollar! Even if you only thrift for home goods it’s worth it. I have always loved thrifting. After many years of thrifting I have definitely picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.

Firstly, you need to dress for the occasion. Thrifting involves a lot of scavengers. Other shoppers want to see what you found and try and get their hands on it. It’s Psychology 101. If you see someone stylish then you’re going to be interested in them. A good way to avoid the other shoppers attention is to dress in a casual way. I went thrifting today on a whim and was not dressed for the occasion. I had a nice purse on and I have to tell you that I was not alone for most of my shopping trip. If other shoppers are crowding where you are looking then your chances of finding that great item are decreased. I recommend wearing a purse that zips (for security reasons) and doesn’t scream any label. Also, try and wear clothes that aren’t fussy.

This brings me to my next point. You need to try everything on. Clothes in thrift stores range from vintage to brand new. The shapes can be so random and remember that someone gave away these clothes for a reason. I’m always hoping it’s simply because they don’t fit them or their style anymore, but you never know.

You want to make sure that the fabric is still nice. If it feels like someone put it through the laundry on the wrong settings then pass it up- it’s ruined. Also, you need to be sure to check for any stains or tears. The thing about shopping of any kind is that you want to make sure you’re going to wear whatever it is you’re buying or else you’re just wasting your money. And seriously, who wants a closet filled with items they never plan on wearing? Try everything on!

Thrifting can be a fun experience and if you follow these tips then you are sure to find that pot of gold waiting for you!

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