Zenni Optical

Have you guys checked out Zenni Optical yet? They have such cute glasses! And what’s even better is that they are extremely affordable! I know a lot of people are constantly losing their glasses (or sitting on them). If you’re one of those people then you should definitely check these out. Where else are you going to find cute glasses that you can afford to replace if you lose them? The glasses are even coated in an anti-scratch coating! Nice, right? Plus, they even have super cheap shipping. That’s always great because you always have to take into account the price of shipping when you buy online.

They even have all kinds of add ons like sunglasses tinting. There are so many cute styles to choose from that I’m thinking about getting a pair and just tinting them into sunglasses. Such a great idea, right? Plus, you can even get them coated to resist fingerprint smudges! I know I cannot be the only one that is driven insane by smudges on my glasses. It is seriously annoying! Worried about buying online? Don’t worry- they have a comprehensive sizing guide. You will have no problem finding a great pair from this place! Happy shopping!

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