I have talked about it before, but fur as a trend is something definitely worth noting. ML Furs is a fun retailer and they offer the cutest fur vests. Furs have come along way since its early beginnings. Fur is now much more fashionable and trendy without being over the top. That is why I like fur vests the most out of any of the fur fashions. Something important to think about when purchasing fur is the types of animals they come from. Raccoons and foxes have very pretty fur. They also are extremely popular and right on trend this season. My absolute favorite though is the feathered fox. This seems to be the most popular this season and will likely be popular for many seasons to come.

The thing about fur vests is that they are investment pieces. They may be costly, but they will last forever and you will never have to replace them. They also do an excellent job of keeping you warm in the winters. That is definitely something important for my readers out there living in those freezing cold climates!

You should definitely look into getting a fur vest to round out your staple pieces this season!

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Emily Hacker