Spending Habits

Thanks to Wm Rowe

I am what some people might call “irresponsible with money.” I prefer to call it “having good taste,” but call it what you’d like. My husband prefers to call it “wasting all of our money.” Either way, I like to shop. Recently, my husband and I have agreed that perhaps a budget is a good idea, particularly if we want our future children to go to college, etc. We’ve pared down in most areas and are concentrating on building up our nest egg. In theory, I am a full proponent of this idea. In practice…I hate it. I cannot go to the mall anymore because I am realistic that my willpower is sorely lacking when it comes to shopping. I no longer get my coffee from an overpriced retail conglomerate every morning, I no longer buy only designer jeans, and I’ve started clipping coupons. It’s only been a few weeks but I can already start to see a marked improvement in my checking account, so it seems to be working. However, the one area I’ve refused to cut out of the budget? My securitychoice.com. It’s a marginal fee, and the feeling of safety it affords me is priceless. I’ll stop drinking my four dollar daily lattes, but I’m not budging on my peace of mind.

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