In honor of my honeymoon, here is a fun post on panties. There are so many different types of underwear and picking the correct pair is important. I mean, no one wants to see panty lines, right?

I recently read a survey that showed which underwear was considered sexiest by men. Would you believe thongs were deemed least sexy? I would! They cut the proportions of the female body all wrong.

Getting back to the topic of wearing the right pair leads me to comfort. Have you seen those Hanes commercials where the girls all have wedgies? Those commercials have a great point! And while I’d never buy Hanes underwear (their underwear is so scratchy!), it is true that you can find sexy underwear that doesn’t drive you bananas all day.

There are many types of panties. From briefs to boy shorts, the choice is yours. There are a lot of great places to get panties. My favorite store is Victoria’s Secret, but any department store brand is good too.

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Emily Hacker