Bracing myself for the first Boardwalk Empire episode of the new season

Guest post written by Renee Carlson

I really think that one of my favorite parts of a show after it’s been off the air for a while is just all ht excitement and familiarity you experience after you haven’t watched it in a while. It’s stuff like that that really reminds you of why you fell in love with the show and the characters in the first place. That always happens to me when I watch the first episode of seasons back and I’m sure that the same is going to happen to me again this season when Boardwalk Empire comes back on.

I’ve been looking up all the info I can get on the show, including everything from spoilers to the women’s fashion details. I’ve been finding it all with my CLEAR and I’m sure that I’m going to keep still doing this until the show has been back on for a few episodes.

I know that as soon as I see the first Boardwalk Empire episode back again I’ll probably be struck by all of the fashion again because that’s normally how it is anyway.

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