Breakfast at Tiffany’s

{yummy macaroons!}

{I love the updated look with a lace back}

{cupcakes decorated to look like tiffany’s boxes}

{if you’re a fan of the movie then you get the cracker jack boxes}

{wearing: custom made dress by samantha hansen}

Last month my maid of honor threw me the best bridal shower ever! It was ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ themed! It’s my favorite movie and I have a framed picture of the iconic scene of Audrey Hepburn eating breakfast at Tiffany’s above my couch. Could my best friend have come up with a better theme? I think not.

My soon-to-be-cousin went to FIDM and is an amazing designer and seamstress. She made this dress (pattern and all) from scratch! I told her I wanted an updated version of the dress that was shorter for the warm weather. She came up with the great lace back which is so perfect. Plus, how many people can say they have a custom version of that iconic dress?!

We munched on chicken salad on croissants, fruit, macaroons, and cupcakes. Everyone wore their best little black dress to honor Holly Golightly. It was fun having everyone dress up! I’m getting married next week (eek!) and this weekend is my bachelorette party. And for those of you wondering, I will be changing my last name!

{a picture of me with the designer, Samantha Hansen}

Photos by Christy Leopold

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