Slow computers are a pain. If you have a slow pc you should definitely check out this new site I found that helps you speed up your computer. iYogi launched the “KillSlow” movement to help speed up your computer. Viruses (among other things) can seriously slow down your computer. With its team of thousands of tech experts, iYogi offers an on-demand diagnosis for any Slow PC owner, and also helps in resolving the issue. iYogi uses antivirus and PC optimization to speed up your computer. Seriously, could they make it easier? I think not. They even have tech support (just call the toll-free number 1-877-769-5115). Who doesn’t like tech support? They really are making it too easy for you to get that slow computer back to being as fast as it was out of the box (maybe even faster!).

It gets better. iYogi’s KillSlow movement was launched on TV last month; and now you can join this exciting movement. You just need to submit an answer to the question “Why you want to KillSlow?”, and you could be featured in their next TV commercial. Here’s the link to their TV commercial- Why not indulge your inner superstore and take your shot at getting your 15 minutes of fame?

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Emily Hacker