I’ve been doing some shopping on Become and found some really cute things! Have you guys seen these donna sharp handbags yet? I love the polka dot one in the first picture. It’s a great site seeing bag. She makes a wide variety of bags. You’ll have no trouble finding one you like!

I also found some great waterproof jackets. School is almost back in and everyone needs a great coat for those rainy days! But just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to wear a big rubber rain coat. This Columbia jacket in the second picture is great.

Speaking of back to school, I found a too cute school backpack. Look at the third picture. Isn’t that so adorable? It’s taking all of my personal restraint not to buy that. I think that is without a doubt the cutest backpack ever created. No worries if you’re not in the market for a cutesy backpack. They have plenty of backpacks for other age groups.

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Emily Hacker