Friend Friday: Labeling

1. As a someone who writes/blogs about fashion, have you placed yourself into some sort of blogging category?
I try to avoid staying in one category because it really limits you. I like to take outfit pictures, but I also like to critique products and fashion shows.

2. What keeps you from or encourages you to label yourself as a certain kind of blogger?
I think it’s really up to who you are, but I feel labels limit me. I can see how another blogger could use the limits to attract a niche following, however.

3. When picking blogs to read and follow are you drawn to ones that indicate a certain group or way of thinking/being?
I think we all choose other blogs to follow because they are two things: actually good and because we identify with the blogger.

4. Do you think there are benefits in labeling yourself or others?
Personally, no. I think it’s creating a lot of unnecessary red tape.

5. Agree or Disagree – We’re all just people; we don’t need all the labels.

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Emily Hacker