How a Fashionista Packs- Guest Post

Don’t get me wrong I love summer holidays, In fact during my days as a freelancer I once took a truly impressive 82 days of vacation time in one year, oh what a year that was. However there is something about holidays that sends me in to a total fashion spin; I convince myself I don’t have any appropriate ensembles, need every beauty product under the sun and consequently arrive at every destination with a large orange ‘HEAVY’ sticker on my bag and a very unhappy husband.

But this year I have decided all that’s going to change, this year I’m going to be a fuss free fashionista and all I have to do is follow a few simple steps.

  1. Reuse and Recycle. Contrary to popular (well my own) belief, a 7 days holiday does not mean 7 outfits. Solution? Pick great, easily matched separates and however many shoes you think you need, halve it, painful I know but well worth it at check in. 
  2. Accessorize all areas. Never underestimate the power of a great accessory to totally transform an ensemble. Swap the big gold cuff for a more simple designer bracelet like LeiVanKash’s feather bracelet or choose an all encompassing silver necklace like Suzanna Dai’s Antwerp Necklace which will suit each and every ensemble and its been worn by the lovely Blake Lively so you know it’s a winner in the style stakes. 
  3. Organization is key. The perfect tote handbag will fit all your day-to-day needs in style and for your fastest ticket to an upgrade; a stylish passport holder is key. It might sound ridiculous but ever since I got my gold Wilbur&Gussie passport holder it’s been an economy free ride, well mostly. Get just the right clutch and you’re sorted handbag wise, I honestly don’t think there has ever been a better clutch than Heidi Mottram’s Eel Skin Pink Tuck Oversize Folded Clutch, fanflippingtastic.
  4. Although this might sound like I’ve done a total advice 360 – treat yourself. A holiday is something to be enjoyed and the expectation savored, just don’t go over the top. This year my holiday treats are coming courtesy of Boticca, a new online treasure trove of accessories from some of the world’s top emerging artists.



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Emily Hacker