Victorian Vintage

My new crush is the “Victorian Vintage” clutch collection by Jaime Joseph. They are so unique and adorable! I love the flapper style clutch. I’m all for making your bag the statement piece of your outfit, and these clutches certainly accomplish that.

I love the tassels! Aren’t they cute? This bag would spice up any little black dress. Plus, the color palette is amazing. I love how well the golds and pinks mesh. Very cute!

What I really like about this clutch is that it gets fuller as the purse continues down. These clutches really look like they could hold everything you need them to. A must for any evening accessory!

Doesn’t this clutch is that it looks SO soft? Having a soft clutch is a great idea because you’re always touching them, whether in your hand or against your arm.

“Victorian Vintage” by Jaime Joseph was inspired by the combination of interior design and fashion in a luxurious way. I think architecture and interior design translate really well into fashion. I also really love that each clutch was designed to be showcased on a silver platter. I definitely get that feeling from this collection. Another cool thing about the line? The clutches are set to appear on the new ABC family hit series”The Nine lives of Chloe King!”

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