Brenda Vie

Here’s the first post of many from Sac Fashion Week! There were two nights of shows with several designers. The first night was the Emerging Designers show  and Brenda Vie was hands down my favorite of the night.

I love this paisley top!

Cute! Brenda is inspired by tuxedos and Harajuku, two things I also love! She does a great job of making things very feminine and fun.

A giant bow? Yes, please! I also love how she added shirt cuffs for the bracelets!! She adds the cutest little touches.

I really love this fabric. I like how she added the paisley belt. So great!

The cut of this skirt phenomenal. It is so flattering! I really love bows. Did I mention that yet?

An inflated bubble skirt!!! Too cute!

The line compliments itself so well.

Here’s the designer with her dad and models!

Everything in her line is very wearable and would compliment any body type. What do you guys think? Did you love it too?

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