Have you guys heard about ShopWiki yet? It’s this great shopping site and is the most comprehensive shopping site available. What’s great about them is that they don’t only feature sites that have paid for placement like other shopping sites. One of my favorites on their site is the Women’s Jewelry section! Their buying guide is very thorough and leaves nothing out.

One guide I am loving is the How to Buy Jewelry Online guide. It’s always scary buying something you haven’t seen or touched in person (especially when it comes to more precious and expensive pieces). This guide helps you decide when it’s worth buying items online and where to.

My grandma has beautiful taste in jewelry. One year she gave me a beautiful ring for Christmas and over the years I forgot the name of the stone! ShopWiki has an excellent Gemstones Buying Guide that helped me figure out what kind of stone it was!

Have you guys used ShopWiki yet? What do you think?

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