Friend Friday: What Works

1. With all the blogging events out there how do you determine which ones to participate in and which ones to avoid?
Maybe I’m just lucky and always find good ones! I try to go to everything I can. I think it’s fun and it’s a great way to network!

2. Be honest, have you ever jumped on the bandwagon of some blogging movement/event for the wrong reasons? How did that turn out?
Hm.. I can’t really think of any bandwagons! So I’m going to say no.

3. How do you give your own flair to a blog event while still maintaining the general mission and purpose?
When I’m at a blog event it’s my job. I can still have fun, but for me it’s important not to forget that. I love to bring someone along, but I’ve been burned in the past by inviting people who have made me look bad with unprofessional behavior. As much as I hate to say it, your choice of company leaves an impression. Whether it’s good or bad is up to you (and your friends).

4. When determining the best content for your blog what criterion do you keep in mind?
It’s my blog so if I don’t find value in it then it’s not going on my site. Being authentic is one of the most important things to me. I’ve turned down a lot of opportunities because they didn’t fit me or my site.

5. While everything will not suit your blog, how do you try and support your fellow bloggers who are participating in something worthwhile but not your style?
I think we all need to be there for each other and give support. Blogging is tough and if you can stick it out then you deserve the blogging community’s love.

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