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Saturday was my sister’s baby shower! My other sister Christy took these pictures for me!

It was at the Balcony Bistro. It’s been so foggy lately. Can you tell?

I wanted to wear a t-shirt under the dress instead of the cardigan, but with the tights it looked very young. I guess I’ll just have to stick to one or the other!

Here’s my two sisters, Melissa and Christy! Do you see that pile of swag? It filled up a huge chunk of the baby’s room.

wearing: express silk cardigan, charlotte russe necklace, watch, bow ring, and dress, mulberry for target purse, black tights, and forever21 booties.

I got a big box of stuff from Charlotte Russe as a late Christmas present. I was excited to wear everything! I am in love with this dress. I’m so excited to mix and match it as the weather gets warmer. I loved mixing the animal print with the plaid. I think it made my outfit a lot more fun and fresh.

I’m also dying over my new Mulberry for Target animal print bag!! My Target’s went on sale!! I got this bag for a major steal. I almost got the smaller version, but I’m glad I got the bigger size. It actually fits everything I needed it to! If you’re going to be holding your bag for a long time, whether it be a party or just shopping, having a strap like this is perfect. You can wear your bag for hours without even noticing its weight.

I start school today! I’m taking way too many credits, but they’re all photography and website type classes so maybe actually liking the subject will work in my favor. I’m so excited for this semester!

Would you guys mix plaid and animal print? Let me know- leave a comment!!

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Emily Hacker


  1. I’m jealous I want a Mulberry for Target bag too! Those shoes are awesome

  2. How do you find such dark tights? Mine are never dark enough and show flesh ):

  3. You need to look for thicker tights. They will say “thick” or “heavy” on the label (it doesn’t mean big it just means thicker thread). Or you can double up two pairs of black tights on top of each other!

  4. I love the advice you gave about tights in the comment below! I’m gonna run to the store later!

  5. The plaid with the animal print works really well together. I agree that it does add a fresh breath of air to your outfit. It’s something that I would love to try in one of my own outfits.

  6. The Mulberry for target bags remind me of Betsey Johnson so much! I love a good animal print bag!

  7. I think the best advice you gave me is to buy black tights in a size larger than you are so you aren’t stretching out the color. Also getting a name brand like DKNY is likely to be a thicker/better quality in my experience.

  8. @Christy Yeah, plus some brands run small anyway. I think the difference between name brands and off brand tights is how long they will hold up. DKNY tights will not get a run in them as quickly as an off brand. I’ve seen off brands that are just as thick as the name brands though.

  9. What are the clothes that make you feel comfortable or that you like most? I’d say casual clothes like jeans, tennis shoes and shirt. I’m not a guy who likes to put a suit or blazer on, for instance, unlesse the situation requires it.

  10. Great question! I’m one of those people that definitely love to dress up. I hardly ever wear sneakers- I’m almost always in heels!

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