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Have you guys heard about FUNK eyewear yet? They have the coolest frames! They have over 400 different frames and 5 different lines (FUNKroyal, FUNKroyal sun, FUNK FOOD, FUNK FOOD FRAMES, and SASHEE SCHUSTER). With that kind of variety the only problem you’ll have is which ones are your favorites!

The company was started by Dieter Funk (and yes, that’s his real name! Lucky, right?). A fun fact about Dieter Funk is that he used to DJ under the name D-Funk. FUNK, founded in 1992, has always kept with the same vision of having unique and extraordinary design in the world of eyewear.

FUNK has stores in Germany and one opening in Paris soon. If you don’t live near one of their stores or prefer to buy online, you definitely have to check out their site here!

Here’s some of my favorites:

I’m a big sucker for blue. I am in love with the first pair in the second row!

These sunglasses have such fun shapes! I love the cut lenses on the two pairs in the middle!

No one would complain about getting glasses if these were the frames- they are so fun! I am in love with the ones in the middle on the second row!

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Emily Hacker


  1. Hm I hate not trying on sunglasses before I buy them. Too
    bad they don’t have stores in the states.

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