Le Ninja

Have you guys heard about the amazing new clothing line Le Ninja? The line (based out of Chicago) was started by two friends who were determined to make clothes completely made in the USA while still being fashionable. Isn’t that cool? They definitely accomplished their goal. So why “Le Ninja” you ask? It means “The Ninja” in French. I love that!

I have the grey and white v-neck shirt and I love it! It’s so soft! Oh and did I mention it has genuine Swarowski crystals for the ninja’s headband?! Adorable! What I really like about this shirt is that you can wear it everywhere. You could not only throw it on with jeans and run out the door, but also just wear it around the house with sweats or pajamas. You could even dress it up with a chunky necklace and a cardigan and go out to dinner. And seriously, who doesn’t love the cute ninja on the front?

And look, they have menswear too!!

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