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As you know, I went to a fashion show this past weekend. After reviewing all of the pictures I decided to split it into two posts so as not to bombard you guys. These disco balls were on the ceiling above the runway. So cool!

I love Christmas time! This was their window display. I love how they used silver bead necklaces as curtains!

We had VIP tickets so we were invited to a sort of meet and greet before the show. Isn’t the candy table fun?

In addition to a meet and greet, it was also an exhibition styled by Urban Darling.

Here’s a group shot of all the girls.

It wouldn’t be VIP seats without gift bags, or in this case, boxes!

I love this dress so much! It looks very vintage.

This polka dot shirt is something that would fit into my wardrobe very easily.

First things first, isn’t this poncho/cape AMAZING? I love the colors and the thickness of the fabric. Plus, the shoes are great.

I love the cheeky garters used in this collection.

Sheer shirts are very in right now and I love how this garter has a chain! It would be so cool peeking out from under a long dress or skirt.

I’m not usually a huge menswear fan. I’m loving how the pants have those cool metallic cut outs!

For some reason guys can always pull off a cardigan that would normally make any girl look like a librarian. So unfair!

I wish they made these pants in my size! Adorable!

This outfit is more my type of menswear. It has a lot of different textures and it screams fashion.

Look at the close up of the neck piece!

So that’s all for today’s post, look for the second and final part tomorrow! I also have another outfit post coming up soon. Hope everyone is having a great week!

xo emily

[photos taken by me and my sister Christy Leopold]

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Emily Hacker


  1. The garters are cute! Is this a new trend? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them outside of a wedding.

  2. OMG this was so fun! The designers are very talented; we got to see a lot of original and amazing looks. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!

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