Wearing (everything was c/o Vanity):

Boatneck Printed Lace Top – $15.98

Chain Studs Vanity Premium Bag – $39.80

Kennedy Sequin Premium Vanity Skinny Jeans: Dark Wash – $49.80

Dome Button Wedge Booties – $19.98

Have you guys heard about Vanity yet? Vanity ( is a mall-based clothing chain store that sells women’s apparel and clothing (their online store ships anywhere in the United States). What’s great about their store is that they have a wide range of sizes (from zero to 17) and also have longer inseams (up to 37 inches) so their jeans fit everyone. The style of their clothing kind of reminds me of Forever21 and Charlotte Russe, but Vanity’s clothes are definitely higher quality while still being in the same price range. They also have a premium line which features denim, tops, and accessories.

I really love this outfit. The sheer top is so pretty in person. It has cinching on the sides and adds a really delicate touch to my outfit. I really love the colors, too. It could compliment any skin tone well. The bag. OMG. That bag is so amazing. It looks like a really expensive bag. What I really love is that the chains are actually sewn on so you know it’s going to hold up. I’m super picky about purses and this bag really impressed me. I like how the bag sort of edges the shirt out, but in a subtle way. The jeans are so amazing. They are thick denim and have a pretty wash. There’s a bit of distressing and the back pocket design has small sequins (that have been sewn on so they won’t fall off in the wash). The great thing about their jeans is that they’re sewn so they make you look skinner, meaning the side seams are closer to the fronts of your leg! Skinny jeans designed to make you look skinnier? Yes, please! What I also love about the jeans is that they have a seam similar to True Religion. It’s not something you see on skinny jeans a lot, but adds a nice touch.

The shoes are amazing. I’ve been looking for a pair with the sort of mility/band jacket design for a while but never found a pair I fully loved until this pair. What’s really interesting about them is that they look like wool, which is so fun for the winter! These shoes have a 5″ heel with a 1.5″ platform so I felt like Wonder Woman in them! I was taller than everyone and totally soaked it up. I love how platform shoes look. It definitely gives a more polished look to your outfit. Let me tell you, these shoes are extremely comfortable. I wore this outfit to dinner and running around doing some Christmas shopping and errands (I’m talking several hours on my feet walking around). The heels were sturdy and I didn’t trip or fall once! They definitely get my recommendation!

You guys should definitely check out what Vanity has to offer! They have lots of things that would make great Christmas presents.

What do you guys think? Do you like my outfit? Would you wear 5” heels? Let me know, leave a comment!

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Emily Hacker


  1. Great post! I’m checking their site out now. Everything is so cute!

  2. cute jeans! i’ve never heard of jeans being sewn to make you look skinnier! i might have to order a pair…

  3. Love love love the shoes!! That bag is super cute too. I’m definitely going to have to check out their site.

  4. i think you did a great job picking this outfit out. its a great simple outfit. (:

  5. You defiantly rocked the outfit! I’m a store manager with Vanity in Greeley Colorado.. But I was born and raised in orange county California. I totally agree with you that vanity is higher quality than forever 21 and just as cute! For me, the jeans that come in inseams are our best feature. Cause we all know shopping for jeans is tough. Our premium denim is just like Miss Me denim
    ,but we sell it at $49 dollars instead of $150! But awesome job on shedding light on Vanity in California!! Hopefully someday you’ll see our stores there 🙂

  6. @Shalane thanks! I really hope you guys open a Vanity store out here! I’m so jealous! Shopping online is fun too though! 🙂

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