How To Survive Black Friday

I’ve really been in “How To” mode! I know every one is excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but what is at the front of my mind is the most fun shopping day of the year- Black Friday! Hunting is in our nature. As a girl, I have replaced the need to hunt for food with the need to hunt for deals. So in honor of this glorious shopping day, here are a few tips to get you through the day!

  • First of all, you need a game plan. I personally prefer to sit in front of a fire and thoroughly peruse the newspaper on Thanksgiving day. If you can’t wait until tomorrow, check out this Black Friday site. It has actual scans or you can see a list view.
  • Stay caffeinated! You’ll need to be awake to snatch that last cashmere sweater for 50% off! Many Starbucks are opening at 3 a.m. to accommodate early shoppers. You can find the nearest one at
  • Make sure you bundle up! You’re going to be lined up outside in the early morning when it’s the chilliest. Make sure you wear layers that aren’t too bulky and that won’t weigh you down. I suggest wearing a tank top under a sweater. Add a scarf, gloves, a knit hat, some thick (flat) boots and a coat and you’re set!
  • Choose your purse wisely. You’re going to be in a lot of crowds the whole day. Be smart, wear a purse that has a zipper closure. A purse that can easily hang on your shoulder wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.
  • Be realistic. Unless you plan on camping out late Thursday night, you probably won’t be getting that $200 laptop from Best Buy. Black Friday is supposed to be fun, keep it that way!

So there are my no brainer tips. Do you know how Black Friday got its name? It’s because it’s the first day of the year that stores finally get into the black for profits. Interesting, yes? I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday!

Do you guys have any tips for Black Friday? Do you plan to hit up any stores? Let me know, leave a comment!!

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Emily Hacker


  1. Great post…and good tips!
    I tried explaining The Black Friday masacres to my friends here in Paris…and it just didn’t translate!! Their main question was why didn’t ‘everyone’ just go the following day? Logical, yes…but again the madness did not translate. Below is a clip of “Black Friday” in Paris..enjoy!


  2. @Lili thanks! Yeah it’s definitely not something you can. It’s about getting a deal! But it’s also not for everyone, either 🙂

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