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The idea of a clothing swap sounds ideal. You trade your clothes for other’s- for free! While this sounds like a great idea in theory, it doesn’t always turn out so well. The best way to get an enjoyable experience out of your swap is to keep in mind these simple thoughts:

  • You’re getting rid of clothes you don’t want, so is everyone else. You might come out empty handed. Either way your clothes will end up helping someone else, whether it’s a fellow swapper or to your local Goodwill.
  • Not everyone is the same clothing size. If you are hosting your own, try to invite people in the same general size range. If you’re going to a public event, be prepared to leave with less than you came with. Either way you weren’t wearing the clothes you brought. One shirt you love always trumps a pile you never wear anymore.
  • You’re taste in clothes might not match the other attendees. Embrace it. Maybe you will find a way to make it your own. Remember: it’s free! If you end up not wearing it, bring it to the next swap or simply donate it.

It’s easier to stay positive if you remember that you were already planning on donating these clothes. You have nothing to lose! I attended a clothing swap yesterday. My friend and I both brought our own big bag of clothes and were surprised to find a very small selection to choose from. We still had fun, though. The extra clothes went to charity and I now have some cute new (to me) clothes! I think it’s all in the attitude.

Do you guys have anything to add? Do you have any experiences with clothing swaps? Let me know, leave a comment!

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Emily Hacker


  1. Hello! Saw your link in a Juniper James post, and wanted to swing by and say hi. I have yet to take part in a clothing swap…I want too, just haven’t had the opportunity. You mention some great tips (same size range sounds like a no brainer, but I hadn’t thought of it) for a successful swap. I will be on the lookout for one near me. -Bella Q

  2. I think at a clothing swap, you shouldn’t take more than you brought. When I went to one, girls were filling bags up without taking the time to really look at them or try them on. They were just hoarding everything! In fact, one picked up this cute little vintage dress I had brought, and I saw it a few days later selling at a second hand shop. I think if you don’t intend to keep it for yourself, don’t take it.

  3. @Nikki I agree. I think you should only take things you actually plan to wear. I think it’s lousy that those girls took things just to re-sell. That defeats the purpose!

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