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Lately I’ve been really considering starting up a newsletter for my blog. I was still weighing the pros and cons when I came across the article ‘Newsletters Can Boost Your Campaign‘ by Denissa Zinetti. Just in case you don’t already know, newsletters are emails that you send to subscribers. They sort of remind your readers that you’re there. You can see how it would be helpful to keep in contact with your readers even after they leave your blog.

This article lists some great ideas for your newsletters from advice, to musings, to events, to just simply communicating with your readers. The article points out that you should keep in mind different audiences while you are preparing your newsletter. You want to make sure there is something in there for everyone. One piece of great advice is that you should sort of ‘tie in’ your newsletters with one another. Keeping a general message and feel is such a great idea!

It’s smart to make sure that you send newsletters out on a regular basis. Think about the newsletters that you get. Which ones get read and which ones end up in the trash or spam folder? I always read the ones that have original content with very minimal promotional information.

The last piece of information that really struck me is that you should focus everything (your images, text, headlines, etc.) on a call to action. If you are having a giveaway, then everything should represent that. Again, making sure that everything ‘ties in’ with the general message of the newsletter is going to keep your readers interested!

Now you are prepared to make an educated decision about whether or not to start your own newsletters! Would you guys start your own newsletter? If you already have one, do you use a certain company to send it out for you? Leave me a comment letting me know!

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Emily Hacker


  1. Great post! I’ve been considering starting a blog. This will be helpful if I do!

  2. @Katie Thanks! I think starting a newsletter from the very beginning is a great idea. I think doing your research before starting your blog significantly increases your chances of sticking with your blog.

  3. if you decide to do this, which i think is awesome., you better send it across the country to me.

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