Win Whooga Ugg Boots!

Whooga Ugg Boots are adorable! They carry both women and mens boots from Mini to Classic Tall. I love Uggs. I think they are extremely comfortable and keep you warmer than any other type of shoe. These boots even have memory foam bottoms!

If you sign up for Whooga’s newsletter here than you could win your very own FREE pair of boots! Simple, no?

Are you impatient (like me) and can’t wait? Well, Whooga is offering ChiqueChic readers an exclusive discount for one week! Just enter the discount code “727CHICBLOG” at checkout and get 10% off!

What do you guys think? Which pair would you pick if you won? I’d get the Classic Tall Gray Boots!

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Emily Hacker


  1. I’ve been wanting a pair of the “mini” snow boots. Cute blog (:

  2. I wish Ugg would figure out a way to add a heel to those things..I’m not big on the flats but I love warm boots!

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