High Hill (Outfit Post)

fang plaid jacket, fendi sunglasses, blue sweater is signature by saks fifth avenue, american eagle scarf, quilted chain bag, joe’s jeans (skinny cigarette cut), and blossom boots (bought them from ebay).

Last Thursday my wonderful boyfriend took me to High Hill Farm at Apple Hill (it’s in Placerville, California). I always can’t wait for Fall to finally hit so I can make a trip up! Usually we go with friends, but this was our first solo trip! We made a day date of it and it was simply amazing! We bought apple cider, a homemade frozen pie to eat later, caramel nut apples, fresh picked apples, and more! It’s really fun to go places on off days because there’s no crowds. We only had to wait in line for caramel apples.

I wanted an outfit that was fit for the mountains, but still stylish. I think that boots accomplish that very easily and are extra warm. You don’t have to wear sneakers to be comfortable! Flat boots offer style and comfort! I like the plaid print of the jacket with the floral print of the scarf. I think the two mesh together well. I’m really into mixing patterns lately. Do you guys mix patterns? Do you think they look tacky or nerdy? Let me know!

P.S. I got a tiny pumpkin called a “we be little!” Isn’t that adorable? Do you guys carve pumpkins?

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Emily Hacker


  1. I love the mountains. I agree, sneakers are icky casual. Boots are a much better option.

  2. I think it’s cute when people mix patterns.. as long as it’s done right.

  3. I think mixing patterns works, especially the way you did them by mixing a bright colored print with a more neutral color print. Very cute 🙂

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