Friend Friday: The Negativity

1. Do you post pictures on your blog, or would you if the opportunity came along, of people with poor fashion//beauty sense?

I try to avoid that just because I think there is already enough negativity on the internet. If someone wants to see that then they can go to sites like Perez Hilton. My policy is that ‘If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

2. Do you read any blogs that highlight the bad? Why?

Hm, only if you count Perez Hilton. I think it’s fun. I don’t take it too seriously.

3. Should these bloggers get permission to post the pictures from the subject in the same way the street-style blogs do?

If they are posting about celebrities then no. If you find a random person on the street and take their picture, no you should not post it on the internet without their permission. If you have the guts to post it, then you should have the guts to ask for their permission. Otherwise, just crop their faces out of the picture. Pictures find a way to stay on the internet for a long time, people!

4. As human beings we are fascinated with disasters – of all sorts – why do you think that is? How do the blogs/websites that highlight the negative thrive?

I think everyone has a little nasty/mean voice in their head that those sites appeal to. It’s just human nature. I think sometimes blogs/websites can go too far, though.

5. For many, fashion is subjective. Do you think, there can be anything that is objectively bad in the fashion world?

I definitely think that everyone has their own taste and that should be embraced rather than dismissed. At the same time, I doubt that many people would argue in favor of, say, a leopard print dress with neon striped pants. Case in point.

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