Friend Friday: Fashion Dos and Don’ts

1. What do you think are some of the top fashion don’ts? (Things you would never be caught dead in and cringe when other people wear them.)

I think the thing that bothers me the most is when people wear high-waist dress pants from the 1980s. They look terrible, you look terrible, they’re just EW! Ladies, do not go to the thrift store and stock up on castaways from the that decade. Do yourself a favor and buy the updated versions that will actually flatter your body!

2. What previous fashion don’t do you now wear with pride?

I can’t say I really do that. I wear what I think flatters my body type. I think my ankle sandals by Steve Madden would be considered a fashion don’t to some people, though. People either love or hate those shoes. Here’s the post that features those shoes.

3. Do you think there is a universal fashion do?

If you are courageous enough to wear something you love, even if non fashion people might not, more power to you.

4. What items lately, either recently in style or coming in now, do you think should never make it off the retail shelves?

I think that the shoes we’re seeing lately need to stick around. I love how shoes are becoming so important. I love when shoes have platforms and booties are adorable. I’m also loving how strappy shoes are becoming.

5. In your opinion, is there any blogger, fashion icon, celebrity who some how manages to pull off some fashion don’ts and still look good?

I think that Jane from Sea of Shoes could pull off anything. She has such great style!

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