San Diego

Here’s what I was up to last week! I went to go visit friends in San Diego, CA!

My cats were pretty upset when I busted out the suitcases.

Yummy Mexican food at Sombrero’s (Blink 182 wrote a song about its awesomeness).

This bird was just chilling on the rail!

Creepy kids room at the Whaley House. It’s Travel Channel’s most haunted house in America!

Trying to explain to my boyfriend how to use my fancy camera.

Walking up the stairs in the haunted house!

I know you’re jealous of my beach towel (it’s Aladdin).

Mrs. Whaley was French and decorated her house as so. The house seriously freaked me out.

Cornado Beach. We’ve decided we’re for sure moving down to San Diego!

Living out of a suitcase is hard! Our friend’s cat seemed to enjoy it, though!

It was more of a controlled chaos, really.

Cute ground squirrel we saw at the Camp Pendleton View Point!

It ran at the camera and scared the crap out of my boyfriend! The squirrel ran right up to him!

I wore jean capris and a fitted t-shirt for a relaxed outfit that wouldn’t embarrass me when I had to get out of the car at gas stations.

It looks like dinosaurs should live here!

California really is beautiful.

View on the drive down!

Sorry for taking a few days off, but c’mon, I was on vacation people! Plus, the day I got back school started. But I’m recuperated now and the posts will be back up regularly from now on!

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  1. I love that you posted about Sombreros! It’s like my own personal shout out. 🙂

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