Designing Dreams: Tiana Vega Collection

I had some technical difficulties with my camera, but Tiana’s Spring/Summer Look Book has better pictures than I could ever have taken anyway. I LOVE this picture. The girls walking are wearing the clothes more casually, but the “mannequins” wore them more dressy.

The first dress is so adorable. It’s very high school sweetheart. Isn’t that pink so pretty?

I love the ruffle sleeves on the middle dress. They give this dress some really fun attitude. Or should I say ‘tude? I definitely think that any body type could easily pull this dress off.

This purple dress is one of my favorites. I love anything that even remotely resembles a Grecian dress. It has a braided belt!! I’ve never touched this dress, but it looks like it would be really soft and comfy.

I am such a fan of the whole shirt under dresses/rompers!! I REALLY like this romper! I haven’t seen anything like it before, and that is really refreshing. I love the exaggerated sweetheart neckline! All in all, I think this romper is shaped really well. That large waistband is super slimming!

When I first saw this dress I was just like, “Wow.” It’s so simple, but so not. Did that make sense? I really, really want this dress! I love how it’s very demure on the front with a high neckline, but then you see it from the side and it has a cut out back with two straps. This is exactly what I meant when I said Tiana’s designs are very ladylike with attitude. I feel like you could wear her clothes in front of your friends or in front of your grandma and get a positive reaction.

What I really like about the first dress is that you could really go crazy with the accessories and it not be too much.

OMG I love the second look SO much! It has the exaggerated neckline that you know I love but with the added bonus of a cool Japanese kind of belted waistline! LOVE! And those pants! Love them! You could wear those with anything! Plus, they look uber comfortable.

This purple dress is so fun. I love all the braiding details on the straps and the belt. Cute!

Isn’t the first dress the perfect summer dress? It’s so sassy! That’s all I think of when I look at it. Sassy! I love cut outs in dresses. I think they turn a normally simple dress into this amazing thing that women start to lust after.

The second dress is so pretty! It has braided straps (love!) and ruching on the sides, which is ultra flattering.

Okay, so I want you to look very closely to the first dress. At the top of the ruffle layer is a braid!!! It’s like she read my mind!!

OMG! The second dress has a skewed neckline!!! I want it so bad!! That is the coolest neckline EVER. Don’t even bother disputing it, you won’t win.

I think this picture is so cute. I love the idea of seeing the clothes in action.

All of the above pictures were taken by Sean Thomas Photography for the Tiana Vega Spring/Summer 2010 Look Book produced by Couture Connection.

Want to look at the pictures that actually turned out semi decent from the show? Don’t judge me!

Gasp! An exposed zipper!!! LOVE.

This dress moves really well. So pretty!

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