Designing Dreams Part Two

Here’s the second part of this series! Today I’m going to write about three more designers from the show and then tomorrow I’m going to finish this off with the headliner, Tiana Vega (she gets her own post because she’s so special!). And then after I finish showing off all the pretty clothes I’m going to do a post on what I wore to the event! Anyway, let’s get to it!

First up is Linzel Couture. I love this corset with the bubble skirt. I’m not normally a bubble skirt fan, but this one is irrestistable.

I love the “belt” part of the skirt. Very cute. Oh and do you see the mesh scoop part on the back? Way cute!

I love this skirt! And the sleeves are way fun!

This was my favorite look from this designer.

See the cool diamond texture? So cool!

It’s very Chanel, which is kind of fitting since Coco Chanel was the last fashion collection to show at this venue! Gosh I want this!

Isn’t this dress so fun? I’m not sure if it was actual denim or was just a denim print, but either way it works really well with the ruffles.

Plus, I love sweetheart necklines and anything blue!

I love how dramatic this is. You sure would be able to make an entrance in this dress!

This model rocks! I love the blues in this dress!

Isn’t the rhinestone shoulder on this way cool?

The next designer is Nelli Rosh.

Very dramatic, no?

This dress looks very high fashion to me.

Doesn’t this look like something Carrie from Sex and the City would wear? Especially if you look at how the model’s hair is done. Very Carrie Bradshaw.

This silhouette seems very Grecian to me, love it!

I love the simplicity of this dress. It’s definitely something you could easily see in stores right now.

This would have been my dream prom dress in high school!

Doesn’t this dress have such a cool texture to it? I think so.

I really, really love this dress. It’s really flattering and how it crosses over into the arm is amazing. I would buy this dress in a heartbeat.

Isn’t this dress fun? Definitely. The brown and pink kind of reminds me of neapolitan ice cream!

The models were so amazing for this entire fashion show. I was so shocked! Who knew Sacramento had so many fantastic models?

I love how this dress has flower petals at the top of each layer! So original!

Plus, it has a train!

And the last designer today is Shamini. I LOVE her designs! She did an amazing job!! I love the long hem on this dress! It’s a very timeless piece. I mean, who doesn’t love ruffles?!

This look didn’t photograph very well but it was really cute in person. The white piece is a fly away!

See what I mean? Her designs are a minimalist’s dream.

It’s kind of hard to tell, but the straps on the top are twisted! I love purple with black! Ah! I’m so excited about her designs!

I love how delicate this dress is. The ruffle adds such a nice touch.

See! Cute silhouette, right?!

I really love this dress. All the different layers work really well with each other.

This dress is for the woman that kicks ass and takes names.

Isn’t the neckline so bad ass? I LOVE it!

This dress is adorable. I think you’d definitely have to pair it with these shoes, though. They really take it to another level.


I seriously NEED this dress. Not want, NEED. There isn’t one thing I don’t love about this dress. I am seriously in love with this dress!

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for the final post which will feature the Tiana Vega Collection!

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