Designing Dreams Part One

The Designing Dreams Fashion Show held last Saturday night included seven amazing designers. So for obvious reasons I’m going to break this in to three different posts so as to not bombard you with a million pictures. This show was absolutely phenomenal. It had a 92 foot runway and a giant screen with a live feed of the models! Definitely the best runway show I’ve been to yet and by a long shot!  Here’s the first three designers! Hope you get to live a little vicariously through my posts.

The first designer of the night was Jules Thor. If you remember, she was one of the winners from the Design Vendetta challenge I wrote about here. I know the picture is a little rough (I’m not a professional photographer, people!), but I really love the color of this dress. It’s definitely a dress that you could dress down easily for more casual occasions.

Aren’t these harem pants cool?!

This dress has the prettiest silhoutte. Ever.

I’m loving the ruffles. It’s so feminine!

I LOVE this lace dress so much. I would die for this dress. I have no idea where I’d wear it, but I’d find somewhere, believe me. So gorgeous.

See what I mean? Beautiful.

You can see the red dress pretty well in this picture. So pretty, right?

Here’s some pictures of the backs. Everything is so finished and pretty. Jules did such a great job on this collection. P.S. you can see the screen in the background that had the live feed of the show.

The second designer was Yennie Zhou. She was the other winner of the Design Vendetta challenge. She went in a more couture direction, meaning you wouldn’t really wear any of these designs in everyday life. Everyone “oo-ed” and “aw-ed” when this model hit the runway. I love how instead of it being padding on the shoulders, the hips were accentuated.

I really like this one. It looks more like something I’d actually wear.

This dress is fun! It’s made out of newspaper and has ribbon tied into it!

OMG, so pretty! I love all the details.

The back is really pretty, too. Super flowy!

It was a really fun collection, right?!

The third (and final designer I’m writing about in this post) was Melissa Kay. She liked short shorts.

This is pretty cute. It’s kind of like a warmer version of a romper.

This is a very wearable outfit. I love sequin tops!

I love how sparkly this dress is. You could definitely get away with wearing it to casual or dressy events, too.

This model is so pretty! I like this dress, it’s very disco.

This dress is ADORABLE. The front is just a plain black scoop neck, but the back is to die for! It has a giant bow and you can’t tell very well in the pictures, but it has a chain that lines the back scoop. CUTE!

This dress reminds me of a fairy. I really, really like it. Not to mention the fact that it’s pink!

This is a great party dress. It would be really flattering on any body type.

Check out this adorable silhoutte!

I don’t think I’d be brave enough to pull off this dress, but it’s pretty nonetheless.

It has a chain of rhinestones on the back!

Isn’t this the prettiest neckline?!

And the back isn’t too bad either!

See what I mean about everything being so finished? You can tell these designers are really talented.

Well, that’s all for today! Look for part two tomorrow!

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  1. Omg those dresses are adorable!! Especially the black one with the low back and giant bow. Wish I were there!

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