Oh No!

The villain being our Internet provider, of course.

Our Internet has been so terrible lately that we just canceled it (it was working basically long enough for me to get yesterday’s post up) so I won’t have Internet at home until Thursday when we get the new one set up. I’m going to try and get tomorrow’s post and Thursday’s posts finished today (I’m at a friend’s house using their Internet). Sorry about this! Thought I’d put up an explanation instead of just leaving you hanging because I said yesterday that I’d post about the fashion show today. Which, by the way, I’m going to split into three posts because there are just way too many pictures for just one. If you ever are curious what’s going on with me and there isn’t a new post, just check the right sidebar and it has my Twitter updates (follow me! @ChiqueChic) and usually I’ll have an explanation in there.

Hope you have a great day! Talk to you tomorrow! xoxo emily

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Emily Hacker