How To DIY Demin Cuff Shorts

Something that really irks me is that shorts and jeans cost the exact same price. What the fudge?! Shorts (for girls at least) are no where near the same amount of fabric! Other than the fact that shorts are so overpriced, I have serious problems finding a pair that actually fits since I have some junk in the trunk. So what did I do? I took action.

I got these Calvin Klein jeans in great condition from my local thrift store for $4. When picking out a pair of jeans, make sure you try them on! There’s no point buying a pair that doesn’t fit. I would suggest going up at least a pant size (especially if the fabric is stretchy) because cuff shorts look better if they’re a little loose. Remember that the jeans are going to stretch out eventually though, so don’t go too big, just loose.

These jeans were boot cut. Like I said, this pair was in really great condition so it was kind of hard chopping them up, but luckily they were a little short so my choice was made for me. What you want to do is put the jeans on and make a line with a pen or chalk just above your knee cap. This will ensure that you don’t cut off too much.

I found it was easiest to cut the jeans with the back pockets folded with front pockets out since these jeans have a button back pocket. You can cut both legs together and accuracy doesn’t need to be perfect since this isn’t the final cut. (Side note: I used a yellow clothes line clip to hold the pants together, but it’s not necessary).

Isn’t the back pocket adorable?

Next you want to put the jeans back on and try to cuff the jeans. You’re probably going to have trouble since woman’s jeans are designed to be pretty form fitting. I wanted mine relatively short so I made another mark about 2 inches up and then took them off and cut them. This time you cut them one leg at a time. Once you cut the first leg you can use it as a guide for the second leg to keep them relatively even (it doesn’t matter too much since you’re going to be cuffing them anyway). I like mine rolled up twice and relatively skinny, but it’s a personal preference. Once you figure out how you like it you can either sew up the sides with a sewing maching or by hand or you can just leave it raw. I want to stretch mine out a little more before I decide on how my cuffs are going to be permanently, so I decided to sew them up later. Hint: a good way to stretch out pants is to put them on and tug at them.

Here’s the final product! It took me all of 10 minutes, so don’t be afraid. Go make you own pair! Let me know how they turn out!

Psst.. Do you guys like my new shoes? I got them from the Steve Madden half price clearance sale! They are the
P-ASHTON in Taupe Suede
and I am in LOVE with them!

They are the prettiest brown and have studs! Cute!

It’s silly because I’m actually wearing make up and you can’t even tell! It’s very discouraging LOL

wearing: wet seal grey v-neck, forever21 heart shaped locket, calvin klein denim cuff shorts (DIY), and steve madden p-ashton taupe suede sandals.

I am so tempted to go buy more thrift store jeans and make another pair. I never have enough shorts! Although, I think if I make another pair I’m going to distress them and then do just a simple flip up cuff and leave a little fraying. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday Hump Day! xo emily

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Emily Hacker


  1. Love these. Cutoffs are back with a crazy vengeance right now, so buy more, and distress away! Some essential tools for distressing: sandpaper, cheese grater, rocks, dryer, bleach- not necessarily in that order. : )

  2. Ahhh so cute!! I’m in love with cuffed shorts and I totally agree about the ridiculous shorts prices. What and awesome idea to DIY!!

  3. So cute & so very imformative d.i.y! i really like your sandals, please check me out:

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