Fashionably Fighting

This show had so many amazing designers and so many looks that I decided to cut it down to my favorites.

I really love this romper. It’s a gorgeous color and was styled perfectly with the pearls and peep toe booties. One thing I don’t particularly love is the neckline. It’s very lack luster and unflattering. Maybe some ruffles would have taken it up a notch.

You can’t tell very well in this picture, but that heart actually lit up! This dress is amazing from the collar all the way to the ruffled skirt. Pure genius.

This dress is very “in” right now. Although, I think you can get away with a floral dress any summer.

I loved this dress! First of all, it’s stripes AND ruffles! I love the cool sequin cut out sides, too. It totally takes this dress to a higher level.

P.S. all of the models in this show were so amazing. They had their walks DOWN.

The top of this is way cool. I love the exposed sequin breast. I think if you’re going to make something one shouldered, this is the way to do it.

Do you guys remember this model from the Avant Garde show I went to? Her name is Shai White and she rocks. So does this swimsuit.

I seriously want this. Like bad. That blazer has such a cool silhouette and it rocks with that dress.

See! I told you it rocks! Best silhouette. EVER.

I really like this swimsuit because it’s something you could actually see someone wearing to the beach or whatever. It’s fashionable without going over the top or losing wear-ability.

I really like the cut outs on the sides of this dress. It adds a really cool touch.

This shirt is awesome. Why? Because it has a picture of the state of California on the front! I’m definitely going to look into buying this!

What’s even better? The back says, “The State of North California”!!!!!

I am totally loving the sequin skirt with a t-shirt. It totally works!

I love this wrap! It’s so perfect. It would look great on anyone.

It looks so soft!

I think everyone should wear their swimsuits like this wink wink hehe

This plastic coat looked so awesome in person. I would legit wear it. The swimsuit is awesome, too, but you better wear sunscreen unless you want a funky tan line.

This was a very Lady Gaga esque moment. Nonetheless, it is way cool! P-P-P-Poker Face…

This looks so painful!

Lady Gaga would be proud.

An adorable Kitty Andrews hat!

I love everything about this. The hat rocks and so do the clothes.

Another cute cute hat!

I don’t really like this color palette, but c’mon, that hat is huge! LOVE it.

Now this I really love. It’s all silvery. I’d wear all of this. Isn’t it cute how the hats like a flower?

I love blue! From this picture on is the designers!

And the people who put the whole thing together!

The show was really fun! It was held at the Horizon Lounge, which was perfect because the club is “U” shaped so the models started at one and finished at another so there was lots of room for everyone to see. One thing I really like is that the venue is right by Little Italy and China Town so we got to squeeze in some fun shopping beforehand! We even ate at this authentic Dim Sum bar that was ridiculously cheap. My whole meal was only $2.50! I was surprised that the food was served cold, although it was my first time eating somewhere like that. Oh! And each spot in the parking garage had a fortune! I love China Town! I’m planning to make a trip back soon! Other than the fact that they opened the doors almost an hour late and the gift bags switched from being the first 100 people in to only VIP ticket holders, I really enjoyed myself! I hope they raised a lot of money for the AID’s Walk!

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