The avant-garde fashion show was held at the SupperClub in San Francisco. It is such a cool venue! I’m so excited to be going back there hopefully next month!

The SupperClub is a restaurant/bar. It has wall to wall mattresses with a U-shaped walkway. It was very industrial and way cool. The tables were bed trays! It was a very cool touch. They used dog food bowls for the bowls, too.

I would just like to point out their menu. It’s a picture of a man in a drag bunny suit trying to sit on a balloon. To say this place was cool would be an understatement.

Here was our hostess for the night. She was a fun drag queen. I love San Francisco.

In between courses (there were three) was a show. This was the first one. He had no wires or harnesses either! That’s a cement floor underneath him! I think I held my breath the entire time in fear for him. The first course was carrot soup with cilantro, scallops, and almonds. It was very orange.

After the second course we watched an Asian inspired strip tease. It was very tastefully done and no, they didn’t get completed naked. The second course was sea bass with a lobster vinaigrette.

Yep, the one on the right is a drag queen. I hope I have this much fun next time I go! Before the fashion show started we had our final course. I swear our waiter said it was flan so I’m sticking with that. It was my favorite course, but when is dessert not! It had cherries in it, too. Mmm Yum!

Here is the first look. Tosca Soraya designed the clothes and Kitty Andrews designed the hats.

I really like the pants. They have a bit of lace fabric on the inner thigh which is really interesting.

Isn’t the detailing on this hat amazing?! Those pants are wicked cool, too.

I love this dress! I love the lacey white with the colorful bottom. They work so well together! Plus, this hat is any bloggers dream.

This dress is okay. I don’t like the weird cut out around her chest. It’s not very flattering. I do, however, love the fabric very, very much!

This look is definitely in avant-garde style. I don’t usually like jumpsuits, but I would definitely rock this one because duh, I love lace!

I’m glad the hat is so big for this look because the rest of the it isn’t. I really like her leggings/maybe bodysuit. One thing I noticed about all of the designs is that everything was very finished. Kudos for superior craftmanship!

Here’s a better look at that lace jumpsuit. Very sweet, yet edgy.

This look is very cool. I don’t really like the hood, but the bodysuit with the lace skirt on top is too cool.

This hat. OMG. All I have to say is: feathers.

This dress with this hat is very vamped up housewife. Very cool.

I didn’t even notice the cool design this dress had until I was looking through my pictures. I like it about 10x more now!

Doesn’t this model kind of look like Tyra Banks here? She was so fierce, definitely my favorite model of the night. Speaking of which, I think this is my favorite look of the night, too. I would wear this entire outfit without a doubt. Isn’t the hat so cool how it has the feathers with the top hat? And that dress. OMG. Seriously, Tosca Soraya is my new favorite designer.

The chest part of this dress is so pretty.

I feel like this look should be in Gone With The Wind- in a good way.

Alice in Wonderland anyone? This hat is so cool. It could easily pass for an edgy horseback riding hat.

Isn’t the back of this dress really interesting? I love the button up back.

And our hostess for the night changed outfits.

The designers for Kitty Andrews and Tosca Soraya.

They walked down very quickly! I had trouble getting a shot! Look at their hats!! LOVE!

I would highly recommend anyone going to SupperChic at the SupperClub. They usually host one the first Tuesday of every month, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. I wonder who will be there next time!! Tomorrow will be my post of what I wore. Thank you Melissa for inviting me, and the SupperClub for an awesome meal!

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