Vendetta for Design

Here are the four designers that competed to win a spot in the Designing Dreams Fashion Show (On August 7th!). In order from left to right: Rickey Sanchez (the host of the night), Yennie Zhou, Tamika Bellamy, Faatui Toele, and Jules Thor. Oh! And their models (in order of the designer they modeled for) were Shelby Campbell, Haley Glasco, Bri Metcalf, and Savannah Rodriquez.

See! Totally like Project Runway, right? One of the designers even had a malfunctioning sewing machine. Oh! And one designer said she was going to “make it work.” Tim Gunn would have been proud. By the way, the designers only had one hour to make their looks! I couldn’t have made some of their designs in a week! Maybe I should take a sewing class…

This dress is so cool. I love how Yennie did those amazing roses. They are on the shoes, the waist of the dress, and even in her hair! This fabric must have been so hard to work with. I don’t really like the bottom of the dress. It kind of reminds me of a witch’s costume.

The scarf is pretty cute, though, I’m not gonna lie.

This look was designed by Tamika. If I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed. It looked like something I made when I first got my sewing machine and just played around with all the stitches (and that only took me 20 minutes FYI). It was cool to see a top since everyone else did dresses. I don’t really like how the seam goes up in the middle showing a weird amount of the model’s belly. I wouldn’t say that it fits very flattering. All in all, I feel like this is a top you would buy at Wet Seal and not a nice boutique.

I will give her props for the back, though. I really like how feminine and flowy it was. Maybe the model should have worn the top backwards!

Next up was Faatui’s design. He got blessed with some amazing fabric in his bag. Isn’t it so pretty? I would definitely buy this dress. It has a timeless silhouette! He was pretty smart to bring all of those accessories, too. Without them the dress wouldn’t have been as interesting. He may not have pushed the envelope as much as the other designers, but this was hands down my favorite piece of the night.

This model looked so angry the whole night! I don’t get the whole angry model thing. I think it has it’s time and place like in print ads. Smile! You’re tall, skinny, and pretty! Anyway, this look was designed by Jules. I think she did a really great job with it. I’m not sure I’d necessarily wear it, but I think it would definitely sell well in a boutique or something.

I think the back of the dress is what really sold me. She did a really great job on the criss cross straps. They fit the model perfectly! This dress kind of reminds me of a summer Barbie dress. Cute!

The two finalists were Jules and Yenni. Jules was so cute because she did a lot of her work on the floor. I wonder if that’s how she does it normally or if that was just for time’s sake.

Yenni went first and she did an amazing job with the 30 minute time limit! She had this very cute polka dot type material. I love polka dots! She made a fun dress that had a surprising back.

See what I mean! From the front it just looks like a typical dress, but then you turn around and it has this interesting draping (and no she didn’t run out of fabric). I would definitely buy this dress. I can’t believe she made this is only 30 minutes! It looks so finished!

Jules said she wanted to go with an anime/Japanese inspired look. When this model walked out I whispered, “It’s naughty!” to my friend, Darsi. I get what she was going for, but it definitely looks like a maid’s uniform, but not in a bad way. This was very ambitious to take on in only 30 minutes, that’s for sure.

I did and didn’t like the back. I think the skirt part of it was adorable, but the black strap across the shoulders looked sort of awkward. Maybe if she had more time she could have worked out a better design plan. The black strap makes it look very unwearable.

In a nice twist, both Jules AND Yenni get to be in the fashion show! I think that is really great. I think Yenni did a better job with the 3o minute time limit as far as finished product goes, but with more time Jules would have had the better design. I’m so excited to see them in the show next month!

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