Design Vendetta

Have you guys heard about this? It looks like so much fun! I love when fashion events are held in Sacramento! It’s tonight at Harlows on J Street (doors open at 7pm, the fun starts at 8pm). I’ve been to my share of fashion shows, but never anything like this! Basically four designers are given a bag of fabric and they have a set amount of time to create a look (as we eagerly watch) and whoever wins gets their piece featured in the Designing Dreams Fashion Show next month on August 7th! What a fun way to get into a fashion show! I hope I see you guys there!

Want to see what other events are going on? Check out my Calendar! Psst.. it’s a new page on my site!

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Emily Hacker


  1. Dear Emmy,

    Love your web site. I’m glad to see that you are taking pictures with backgrounds other than the fence. It detracts me don’t know about anyone else.

    Love the shoes that kind of look like netting stockings. Yes even an old lady likes them. But the heel is too high, don’t suppose they have them shorter. Not terrible short and can be thin.
    I’m sure you watch Project Runway. I love that show. Actually it is humorous. I get A kick out of the designers, etc.
    Get excited that you are making it interesting for all kinds even those who are thrifty. But I’m sure you would’t mind mixing a real designer purse with a thrift store find. NEAT! Showing how to make shorts with pictures. Wish I had that when I was young.
    Would like to see a smile once in a while but I guess models don’t do that.

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