Party In The USA

wearing: vintage red necklace, one clothing navy romper, white belt, and red delicious patent leather heels.

Happy 4th of July! I decided to dress in a sort of obvious way with the red necklace and shoes. I busted out my new navy romper again and decided to belt it to get all of the colors of the flag into my outfit. I have a really small waist and it is next to impossible to find belts to wear there. Having the same problem? Wrap a hair tie around the belt until it’s tight. Then you can hold the excess belt in place so you don’t have that flappy belt mess. No one will see it and you will look polished. I hate seeing flappy belt ends!

On a side note, I went to McDonald’s to get a kid’s meal today for the Avatar the Airbender toy and the guy at the register thought we were kidding! Psh, I do not kid over happy meal toys LOL

Hope everyone has a festive Independence Day! xoxo

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