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I got this whole outfit for under $10! The skirt was $0.99 at a thrift store, the headband was on sale for $2 at Ross, the Old Navy top was on sale for $3, and the shoes were hand me downs from my older sister, Melissa!

I’ve been dying to wear this skirt. It’s perfect for summer because it’s very thin. I haven’t found anything I like with it other than this top, though. I really need to find something else to pair it with!

I’ve figured out how to do outfit posts in the summer! I’m going to start doing what most bloggers do and post my outfits from the day before. I hate the lag time, but it’s impossible for me to take my pictures before 1pm because of my morning class and that’s just too hot! I took these pictures at 6:30pm, muuuch cooler!

Hiro ruined a few good pictures because he was bogarting the shot. He definitely loves being photographed!

wearing: old navy pocket top, aly b drape skirt, headband from ross, and delicious heels.

I really love this skirt. It has the cutest drape effect! I felt very French in this outfit. I have to admit, I definitely liked this outfit better in the mirror than in these pictures. Does that ever happen to you guys? Oh, and I totally picked out my outfit and then freaked out because I had no idea which of my shoes I wanted to wear with it. I know which pair I would have liked to pair with it, but I don’t own…yet. I want some lace up wedge booties SO bad. Extremely bad. If you find any under $50 please, please, please send me a link!! Well, that’s all for today, wish me luck on my final exam for geography tomorrow!

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