In The Shadows

Man it is getting too hot to take pictures outside!

I spent a ton of time curling my hair, but you can barely tell in the pictures because A) I’m posing in the shade so I don’t die of heat exposue (the heat index is 100 degrees today!) and B) The heat is already starting to make the curl fall out. Oh the woes of having pin straight hair (that’s right, my hair is naturally that straight. Ask anyone, I don’t even own a straightener).

Scandalous, this romper is a teensy bit short in the back.

wearing: one clothing satin romper, modern day tiara headband, express leather and chain bracelet, and one sided braided strap heels from charlotte russe.

Lately I have been taking refuge in my bedroom (it gets the majority of the A/C) from this terrible heat! In the summer time less is definitely more and that’s why I’m completely obsessed with this romper. I found it shopping on Saturday at Ross for only $14.99!! I’ve tried on about a million and a half rompers and this is finally the first one worthy of buying. I felt very grown up in it, which is kind of funny because, well, it’s a romper. It’s navy and what looks great with navy? Brown heels!! I’ve decided that I need to add more brown shoes to my collection because they make my legs look longer and since warm colors look best on me, they compliment my wardrobe very nicely.

Want to know some of my tips for buying rompers? Here goes:

  • Make sure you inspect the back. If your booty hangs out, they are too small!!
  • Rompers look best when the waist band or belt actually hits at your waist. Don’t wear them around your hips- that will just make you look bigger instead of better!
  • If you have to wear the waist around your hips to make the romper long enough, then it’s ill-fitting and you should just pass.

The best thing about rompers is how quickly you can just throw one on and be out the door. Add a bracelet, ring, necklace, or headband (or all of the above, depending on how minimalist you are) and you are good to go!

I really love this romper because it has pockets, an exposed zipper, detachable straps, and is satin so I can wear it in the daytime or the night time.

What do you guys suggest for rompers? I’m gonna go make some iced coffee… mmm… oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAZZI!!!

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Emily Hacker

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  1. I have never found a romper long enough for my body. That also usually goes for any dress or skirt that is meant to worn tight around the waist. Total bummer..I’m surprised you actually found one long yet still made for a skinny person! Good job!

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