Bits and Pieces

Today I spent the day (after a 3 hour morning class of course) doing laundry and watching True Blood with Matt. It was so hot today! I knew I needed something light to wear so I wore my new to me top from the Holy Closet. I really need to take some better pictures with this top so you guys can really appreciate it. Matt took these (he decided paparazzi was the way to go since I have my new fancy SLR camera) so that explains the random poses, right? I haven’t really done laundry in longer than I care to admit, so these were really the only shorts I had to wear.

We did our laundry at Matt’s parents house and they have this cool drying line. It really saves time using it and I’m sure it’s way cheaper. I decided I’d take a few extra pictures and test out my camera and ended up with that last picture. I love it SO much! I’m so excited it’s the weekend (well it is for me anyway). Tomorrow I’m going to my friend’s birthday party! Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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