The Labyrinth

I really love how this top cinches at the waist and has a sort of petticoat feel to it. It makes me feel very feminine.

wearing: vintage top, heart shaped locket from forever21, khaki cuff shorts, and BC heels.

I’ve been dying to wear this top since I got it months ago, but I never really had the courage. It’s such a light top and is perfect for this hot weather. I really like the whole beige outfit trend that’s going on right now. It’s so light and airy. When I was getting dressed I kept thinking to myself that it really reminded me of the dress that Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly) wore in the beginning scene of The Labyrinth.

It has the same sort of feel and silhouette as this dress does. Anyway, hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane, my sisters would make me watch that movie over and over and over when I was little.

I think the tailored shoes add a really fun twist to this outfit and makes it feel even more romantic. I had a lot of trouble picking out which bottoms I wanted to wear with it. What bottoms would you recommend? What would you have paired with it?

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