Miss Fancy Pants

wearing: eyeshadow terry tube dress (no, I’m not naked sickos LOL).

As my devoted Twitter followers (@ChiqueChic), you all know that I (finally) got a digital SLR camera!! Excitement and happiness!! I bought it off my cousin, but I’m pretty stoked about it. It’s a great camera to learn on and once I master this one (and save up some monies), I’m going to invest in something a little more advanced like a Canon Rebel (my dream SLR). Oh, I just realized I didn’t mention what kind it is! It’s a Samsung Pro 815. I went a little crazy taking a ton of pictures of my cats and they are so sick of the super bright flash. I can’t wait for you guys to see my outfit post for tomorrow! Although, it’s not my best posing, I was getting frustrated trying to learn how to use it and I definitely need to get a bigger memory card (the one it came with only holds 20 pictures!). Anywaaay, I’m so excited and I hope everyone has an amazing Father’s Day!! xoxo

P.S. That’s a picture in the background of Audrey Hepburn (not shown) and a quote of her’s that says “I don’t think of myself as an icon, I just do my thing.”

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